AFLPNG will provide a vibrant sporting culture for Papua New Guineans to achieve self-discipline and teamwork. Fostering natural talent and providing the opportunity for individual growth and success, AFLPNG will promote individuals to become productive members of local communities.


AFL PNG Limited has been established as the representative of the Australian Football League in Papua New Guinea. Commencing operations in 2001, AFLPNG now has an established strategic Management Board, an Advisory Board to guide operational aspects, full time staff, and a number of volunteers with associate organisations across the four Regions of PNG. AFLPNG run a number of key programs and is forging strong partnerships throughout the country.

The organisation has been set up with a carefully designed corporate structure which ensures stability and the ability to set and pursue long and medium term plans. Board members are appointed by the AFL and are responsible to all stakeholders in the setting of policy and strategy. Financial transparency and accountability are key drivers of all activities.

AFL football has been played in PNG since the 1930s and remains popular across the country. The mandate from the AFL is to design, introduce and operate junior development programs based around the AFL game, but which have a carefully designed community focus. AFL PNG’s mission is to develop AFL football in PNG from a solid grassroots foundation to be the nation’s leading sport. Our ultimate goal is to provide opportunities for young Papua New Guineans to achieve success in their sport and in their lives as a whole.

An obvious part of our plan is to foster young Papua New Guineans natural athletic ability and to guide them through a carefully designed pathway which will give the very best of them the opportunity to play AFL football at the highest level.

A key component of the programs is the inclusion of lifestyle rules which teach and instil self discipline, teamwork and the vital lesson that opportunity and success only can be achieved through hard work. A welcome by-product of our programs will be a group of boys and girls better equipped for success and more prepared to take advantage of opportunities as productive members of their local communities.

AFLPNG also recognise that Papua New Guineans have a natural freedom of spirit and that their diverse cultural and sporting experience can bring a great deal that is new or forgotten to Australia and the World in both a sporting sense and in a broader cultural sense. It is with that in mind that we have adopted a philosophy to ensure our children learn and play the game in its purest form, hence our guiding philosophy:

“Foster Pure AFL”

3rd Floor Office 15, Ori Lvi Haus
Turumu Street Boroko, N.C.D

+675 3254943 - +675 3412626

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AFLPNG Manager:
Walter Yangomina
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Southern Development Coordinator: Raga Raga
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Highlands Development Coordinator: Moses Kar
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Northern Development Coordinator: Connie Papau
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Islands Development Coordinator: Vitus Gavuri
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POM Development Officer: Lillian Barnabas
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POM Development Officer: Ian Karme
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POM Development Officer: Mesea Dorigori
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Academy Co-Ordinator: Pint Kar
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POM Office Administrator: Marinama Maha
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